Hitler could run against Genghis Khan and people would still vote for the elephant and the jackass

Finally, the election is over.  But my ‘friends’ are still judging others because of who they supposedly checked on their ballot.

This is crap.

Labels are so limiting.  Those without an open mind tend to limit themselves because of it.  Republicans vote Republican.  Democrats vote Democrat.  It does not seem to matter the name – the face – the platform that vote represents.  Hitler could run against Genghis Khan and people would still vote for the elephant and the jackass.

No election in my lifetime should lead to self-reflection more than the one we just experienced.  So I am left with the question: Am I Liberal or Conservative?

I support a strong national defense.  So, I am Republican, right?  But wait, Kennedy (a Democrat) stood up to Cuba and set the groundwork for what would become Vietnam.

I support a woman’s right to choose – because the issue has never directly affected me, so who the hell am I to even voice an opinion?  So, I am a Democrat, right? But Roe v. Wade was in 1973…and Nixon was President. And remained mostly silent and hands-off on the issue.

I support what others would label as “aggressive” gun control.  If there is a component of the US Constitution that hasn’t stood the test of time, the 2nd amendment is it.  Not to mention that it can certainly be interpreted as merely guaranteeing states’ right to having a military of their own. So, this makes me a Democrat.  This, despite James Brady (a Reagan Republican) becoming the leading proponent of gun control in this country during the last 30 years.

I believe that anyone over age 18 on food stamps, unemployment or any other welfare system should be subject to random drug testing.  And anything more severe than a speeding ticket should disqualify that individual for benefits for 7 years (hey, everyone deserves a second chance).  I believe in welfare – which makes me a Democrat.  But I think it should be far more difficult to live off of it forever – which, I believe makes me a Republican.  Go figure.

I support the idea that education should be the purview of the states and school districts and the federal government should butt the hell out.  With 300 million plus people in this nation, no federal policy can possibly address local issues effectively.  So, I am a…Ok, poor example.  Where there is influence and money, the federal government will seemingly always get in the way.

I believe a national health insurance plan should cover strictly catastrophic events and, therefore, be affordable.  So, I am a…Ok, another poor example.  Democrats want a broken system based upon faulty assumptions and the Republicans just don’t want anything with Obama’s name on it.  We’ll have to check back on this one.

So, am I a Liberal or a Conservative?  Perhaps now readers will understand why I am not a registered ‘anything’.  And why this election was particularly difficult for me and many others.  Stop judging those who question the notion of labels and reject “straight ticket” voting.  And realize that since Washington is so obviously broken, so are the political parties.

If you cannot at least do that, then click the back button.

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