It’s National Pencil Day, So Naturally I Thought of Mike Rowe

From the minutia file:  Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil on this day in 1858.

Whenever I think of a pencil, I cannot help but be reminded of an incredibly interesting, humorous and enlightening essay posted last year on Facebook by everyone’s favorite dirty jobber, Mike Rowe.

I have even referenced the essay as a potential sales training aide.  Summarizing the essay would never do it justice, so please take a few moments and read it yourself.


My Affinity for All Things New

I got into website design because I am easily bored with the never changing.  Each new project is unique and presents different challenges and it keeps my creative juices flowing.  The Internet evolves so quickly that I cannot imagine ever getting tired of creating tiny little worlds within the world wide web.

My affinity for all things new goes far beyond just website design.  I enjoy getting a new phone every 18 months or so.  I always try the newest restaurants in town.  And lately, I find myself getting excited by something entirely new to this area – Escape Rooms HQ.

I had the pleasure of creating the initial launch website and continue developing what will become their full site as they celebrate their grand opening tomorrow (March 31, 2016).  Even the SEO focused on ‘DFW Escape Rooms‘ has proven to be a unique experience since the category is still early in the maturation process throughout the DFW market.

I have never experienced an escape room adventure.  My only exposure to the concept prior to working on the website was a year old episode of “The Big Bang Theory”.

I will report my experience here soon.  Having witness all the work that has gone into building this incredible attraction, I simply cannot wait to test my skills @EscapeRoomsHQ.


Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

My New Favorite Website Design

Over the years I have designed somewhere in the ballpark of 500 websites.  When we start a new design we strive to build what we imagine the client will like – and more times than not we nail it.  Most people won’t understand – or appreciate – the fact that I have no ego invested in our designs.  We build what works for each individual business.  Our clients absolutely HAVE to be proud to share their website or I have failed in the task. Sometimes this leads to us creating websites that frankly I don’t like – but they work for the specific market.

All that being said, once in a blue moon, I get carte blanche to design whatever I feel works best for a client.  Our most recent design fits into that category –

I absolutely love this site in relation to what it is supposed to accomplish for the client.  With over 1000 client-provided images of actual projects completed – NO STOCK PHOTOS – this site truly serves as the ultimate brochure for the awesome work the company does.

Complete Solutions | Flower Mound, TX | interior and exterior home remodeling

Most WordPress sites begin and end with a combination of the chosen theme (template) and the designers expertise.  This is the first site I have ever created using the Avada WordPress Theme – and it is simply incredible.  The only drawback I see moving forward with our designs is the limited options for modifying the cosmetics of the primary menu, but we can work on that at a later time.

Thankfully, our client shares our opinion of the site despite perhaps not fully understanding the evolution of WordPress website design and the process we have taken over the last 5+ years of working with WordPress in order to get to this particular design.

It is always a joy – albeit somewhat more rare than you’d think – to work on a project that results in a site that I like as much or more than our client.

If you want to see some sites that I have designed that I do not like, you’ll have to contact me.  Publishing such a list is bad for business.

Thanks for reading.

Paul J. Dumas 


The First Post

Old School Paul
Old School Paul

There simply has to be a first post.

Until I figure out precisely what I want to do with this site, I intend to use it as a laboratory for testing various off-the-wall SEO techniques.  From time to time, I might even use this platform to share random thoughts that simply don’t fit into our other outlets.

If nothing else, this site will serve to distract me from the world at moments when such a distraction is needed.  It has to be better than wasting time on Facebook.